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It is this quality of PRAGATI SALES CORPORATION that has made us to remain at the top of this industry. The word PRAGATI means progress. We believe in growing together with our customers. Here we are committed to know you as best as we can provide you the best quality products that win your heart. Here we give you the maximum satisfaction per dollar.

Our Patrons when deal with us once, it is very difficult for them to remain apart from our friendly nature and good service. Consequently they deal with us again and again resulting in everlasting business relationship.

The credit for placing our firm at the top of the industry goes to Mr. Maganbhai Prajapati, the founder and chairman of PRAGATI SALES CORPORATION for whom the clay and ceramic industry is related with heritage. Grownup with clay this man with wide vision constantly strives to give more and more to our customers.

For us the profit and money have had remained a matter of least priority and consumer satisfaction as the first priority.

Our slogan is Customer Satisfaction is our goal.

If you with to be a member of this business family, which believes in growing together you are most welcome.

Clay Roofing Tiles
Ceramic Sanitary Wares
Ceramic Wall Tiles
Ceramic, Porcelain and Floor Tiles
Clay Lamps
Clay Roofing Tiles Machine
Concrete Paver Brick Machine
Porcelain & Ceramic Fuse, Insulators and Refractories
Amla & Aloe Vera Juice
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